1. Initial meeting with parents and student to understand the student’s personality as well as parent expectations.
  2. Monthly meetings with parents to follow up on the learning progress of the student as well as gain an understanding on the effects the family and school environment has on the student and recommend constructive parenting tips.
  3. According to each student’s unique personality, ability, as well as parent expectations, our consultants will tailor a school list and strategic application plan to the family, as well as give advice for extra-curricular activities.
  4. Give tips and advice to parents for the parent interview and educating the parent on different characteristics and requirements of each school.
  5. After admissions, our consultants will analyze each school with the parents as well as the school traditions and characteristics, allowing the parent to select the BEST FIT school for their child.

Our holistic admissions counseling approach will help parents:

Analysis student’s personality, and provide a school selection

Assess student’s strength and weakness to provide a tailored academic learning plan

Share our experience to help student and parents fully prepare for the interview

Give support on the compilation of the student portfolio


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